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My First Interest of motorbikes

Hello Everyone,

This is my first blog and I want to thank you all for viewing. I decided to start Blogging as a way of connecting with different people and to especially help those females who want to take the plunge into motorcycling. I’m 24 years old living in the UK and have just passed my motorcycle test along with my partner Adam. For starters, I am a complete beginner in terms of blogging and motorcycling. If anyone has any tips or tricks that would be great.

Going to head slightly off course and say a bit about me before I get into my interest in motorbikes.

My background is agriculture and I love working with sheep. I studied agriculture at University and am now trying to find which route is best for me. I am a country girl at heart and love all things related. To find out more, go to my about section.

So… motorbikes!

Well, it all started many years ago when my dad brought a Playstation, I was 4 at the time. Many games I played when I was younger was racing or adventure like Lara Croft. I became obsessed with Croft and the fact she rode a motorcycle in the game was the cherry on the cake. I guess looking back I wanted to be like her, daring, smart and above all motivated. Since then I have adored the thought of having my own motorbike and hoped that one day it would come true.




4 thoughts on “My First Interest of motorbikes”

  1. GREAT STUFF BETH. Unfortunately I can’t give you any tips or advice on either blogging or motorcycles. I guess I’ll just have to take the credit when it comes to your interest in motorbikes.
    “Stay Safe” buy you know that already…….xxx


  2. One life saving tip … check out and really learn how to counter-steer confidently, reliably and instinctively so it will save your life (or at least save you from injury) when you need it.

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      1. Hi 😎, I would like to protect other bike riders with educating as many as possible about counter steering … search YouTube for “Counter Steering Truck” … it’s confronting but educational … no one dies. I found you blog searching on bikes … and I find your blog awesome!


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