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Choosing a lid

Choosing a lid/helmet is the most important part of your gear but can be the most fun. I say that but I ended up trying about 15 helmets on before I settled with my Bell RS-1 Desert Camo. I replaced the clear visor that came with it and added a bit of sexiness with a dark smoke visor . It was worth the purchase as it adds to the ‘racing’ look and keeps the sun out of my eyes as the helmet did not come with a internal visor – as most models do now.



Buying a full face helmet will offer more protection but even the safest helmet will fail you in a crash if it’s too loose and comes off. According to EU research this happens in 12% of accidents 😦 For this reason, it is very important that the helmet fits correctly otherwise it will move around and cause discomfort especially in your neck. It needs to be snug so the padding does not move against your skin and make sure the helmet doesn’t cause any pain/tension on your head.

When you try a helmet in a shop you should keep it on for long as you can, I think I left mine on for a good 20 minutes. I felt like a idiot but I didn’t want to purchase something that was uncomfortable or not safe. Removable liners are another nice feature to look out for, as these can get pretty dirty especially if you ride everyday. Being able to put it in the washing machine could make bike life more enjoyable.

With our fantastic weather in the UK (haha) visors can steam up so check to see if yours comes with a anti-fog pinlock feature. If it doesn’t you can purchase one just for few golden nuggets and most shops will fit them to a visor for you! I would also consider ventilation features, as in hot weather you need good airflow to keep cool but need to close it off when weather turns nasty.

Read reviews if you can to see how other people feel about the product and look at wind noise levels. It took serval rides before I could feel the padding in my helmet adjust to my head shape and size. Lastly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check that the helmet passes either British or EU safety standards.Look at the SHARP website to see which standards are met and the results of a independent crash test, those with a higher star rating are safer.

People can get caught out at bike festivals with fake helmets and I would always purchase one at a proper shop – never buy online unless you have tried on before hand! Happy lid buying everyone 🙂

What lid do you guys wear?


4 thoughts on “Choosing a lid”

  1. I love that you call it a Lid. I call it that and my honey makes fun of me. : ) So it is good to see when someone else does! I use Shoei X-11 for street, and racing in the past and Airoh Aviator for dirt. I tried the Bell carbon fiber and that was great but seemed a bit round for my taste. I have also tried Nexx and I didn’t like it. I have never liked Arai either. I was just about post an overall dirt gear post hehe. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Bell Desert Camo, it is a sexy lid!


    1. Hey Marianne 🙂 haha thanks! I WOULD love to get into dirt bikes, but have no idea where to begin! I find my Bell helmet slightly noisy especially now I’ve got my intercom set up. Never heard of Nexx…. I take it you have a cool looking dirt bike helmet? I think they look so awesome!!!! xx

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      1. Easy peasy, you should do it! I started on a 50 but I bought a TTR 125 to learn on forever. It made me a better street rider because when you slide around, on dirt, it becomes second nature if it happens on the street! Get a dinky wee bike and go get muddy! You will not regret it.

        Nexx has a huge field of view, the padding is mid forehead, so I feel like if something hit me in the face, I would get hit in the forehead. It is irrational, I am sure. But I can see a lot of peripheral and while that is great for the street, at the time it would have bugged me while racing.

        The Airohs are pretty bad a$$, But most importantly they are super light and that’s a huge plus for my neck. The Airoh is easier (ana cheaper) for you to get since it is a UK product.

        p.s., Your bike is beauuuutiful : )

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