Hello, Hola, G’day, Bonjour and welcome to my about page 🙂

I’m 24 years old and living in a small village in Norfolk, UK. Adam and I are currently purchasing a house together which is very exciting. I’m sure I will be updating you on the house progress, bring on the decorating I’d say!

I love all things country, design, wine and of course motorbikes.

I am a newbie biker (passed summer 2017) and a new lover of all things coffee (didn’t think that would ever happen in my lifetime). My blog is primarily all things bike but may slip in a few country bits and bobs. Looking to discover a new me through blogging/vlogging and help those who want to get into motorcycling! 🙂

I really hope you enjoy reading about my journey into motorcycling and beyond!

Lots of love

Lady Bee Biker x