1st camping trip to Norfolk

I am aware that I have not done a blog for a long time and I want to get back on it! The August Bank holiday weekend brought the UK sunny days and an excuse for Adam and I to get away on our motorbikes 🙂 We decided to camp locally in Snettisham by the North Norfolk coast. We set off Saturday morning for the 1.5hour ride to our destination. Adam use to camp when he was younger, so he organised our gear for us… otherwise if I was in charge our kit would be so heavy we wouldn’t be able to move. On my pillion seat I had a waterproof bag with sleeping bags and roll mats inside. The bag was strapped down to various parts of the bike with a couple of bungee ropes. I then had a small sized rucksack on my back, ready to go. Well, I was not prepared for he next part…..I sat on the bike and the bag on the my pillion seat was pushing into my back, making me lean ever more forward than usual. Shit. How do I ride like this I thought? 🤔Adam suggested that I make the straps of my rucksack tighter, it felt better but I then had the straps digging into my armpits! 🙄 I think the key message here is buy proper gear- something I’m now looking into!

We finally arrived on site and set up our small 3 man tent (more like 2 person).

Once our tent was set up we decided it was time to get on our machines and head for the coast for some fish and chips 👌 On our return we got some cider and cookies to enjoy whilst watching the sunset at camp (and take some gorgeous photos of the bikes 😇).

The following morning we set of for Wells-next-sea, for a fry up of course! It was lush and the small town was rammed of people enjoying their bank hols. Was great to people watch.

Our next stop was at Wiverton Hall which is about 40 mins on the coast road – the road is many 30-50mph with lots of bendy roads, small villages and pretty scenery. The cafe was busy so we just had a drink and lay in the sun before heading back to camp. By the way, I’m not being boring and drinking water!

That evening we went to the local pub in Snettisham (The Rose & Crown) for a drink and ordered a burger with chips to take back to camp 🙂 A very nice weekend indeed and I look forward to the next camping trip on the bikes…. need to get some proper gear for the bike though! If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated! 🙂

Happy Riding 😎


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My First Interest of motorbikes

Hello Everyone,

This is my first blog and I want to thank you all for viewing. I decided to start Blogging as a way of connecting with different people and to especially help those females who want to take the plunge into motorcycling. I’m 24 years old living in the UK and have just passed my motorcycle test along with my partner Adam. For starters, I am a complete beginner in terms of blogging and motorcycling. If anyone has any tips or tricks that would be great.

Going to head slightly off course and say a bit about me before I get into my interest in motorbikes.

My background is agriculture and I love working with sheep. I studied agriculture at University and am now trying to find which route is best for me. I am a country girl at heart and love all things related. To find out more, go to my about section.

So… motorbikes!

Well, it all started many years ago when my dad brought a Playstation, I was 4 at the time. Many games I played when I was younger was racing or adventure like Lara Croft. I became obsessed with Croft and the fact she rode a motorcycle in the game was the cherry on the cake. I guess looking back I wanted to be like her, daring, smart and above all motivated. Since then I have adored the thought of having my own motorbike and hoped that one day it would come true.